Equalizer® consults with a team of inventors from around the world who collaborate with us to provide the highest quality tools to make the technicians job easier every day. Our catalog currently displays hundreds of ideas and products designed by Equalizer® Inventors.

If you have invented or developed an original tool or idea for the auto glass industry and would like to discuss Equalizer marketing or even producing the product for sale, please print out an Invention Disclosure Agreement (click here) and mail it to us at:

Equalizer Industries, Inc.
Attn: Equalizer Inventors Program
2611 Oakmont Drive
Round Rock, Texas 78665

Please include a drawing, photo(s) or video of the invention.


When Equalizer® receives an idea or invention an extensive process is used to decide which projects are of marketable product quality. It can take up to six months to decide whether a submitted idea has potential. Materials, protoypes, field testing and cost analysis are just a few of the steps we take to make sure that if an idea makes it to market, it is an affordable, well-built product. Our first attempt at any manufacturing process, if outside of Equalizer®'s own manufacturing facility, is to locate all possible American-made options. In most cases, a large majority of the components of our products are made in the USA.

Unfortunately, there are some submitted ideas that will be dismissed upon receipt. Most of these ideas are attempts to enhance known removal or replacement products within the auto glass industry. In most cases, these ideas are usually not cost effective and can not be produced. Many times ideas are presented that have already been submitted by others and have either been accepted, are being evaluated or were declined. Usually, these ideas have been imagined by many different technicans who have encountered the same specific difficulty in their daily work. When submitted ideas are very similiar in nature, Equalizer® considers these on a "first to submit" basis.

Equalizer® also archives all submitted ideas. From time-to-time a potential product may actually be "ahead of its time" or at a later date, a portion of the idea is combined with another concept to create a viable product.

For more information about our Research & Development process, email us here.